Homemade Baby Food & Nutrition

Homemade Baby Food & Nutrition

When babies are born they are given the best nutrition for their bodies….a mother’s milk. What happens when they are able to now eat solid food? There are many brands that sell themselves as organic, but can we really trust them? Well there is an alternative. If we are already practicing a clean diet there is a way to make sure our young ones are benefiting in the same way. If you have heard of the Nutri-bullet than you know there is one for babies also. (https://www.babybullet.com) This allows parents to make sure their children are getting all of the needed vitamins without the extra chemicals that extend shelf life.

Benefits of making your own baby food

You know exactly what you’re feeding your baby.

It’s more economical than buying pre-packaged foods (although some parents note that this is not always the case).

They can choose their own fruits, vegetables, and other foods for purees, instead of relying on the flavors chosen by manufacturers. You’re not going to find melons or avocados in the baby food section of the supermarket.

It gets the baby used to eating the same food as the rest of the family — just in puree form.

Jarred food is cooked at extremely high temperatures to kill bacteria for longer storage, at the same time taking out many of the foods vitamins and nutrients and taste. You can roast, steam, boil veggies or fruit on the weekends and puree in a mini food processor as mentioned above. This also paves the way for a healthier future as your child gets older! Yes it is more work and less convenient but even as adults it is easier to stop past Mcdonald’s vs cooking a healthy home meal. Which is better for our bodies in the long run? A great book for reference is “100 top baby purees

A step-by-step guide to making and storing food for your baby.

Healthy Homemade: How to Make Baby Food in 6 Easy Steps

  • Wash and rinse your hands and equipment.
  • Scrub and peel fruits and vegetables.
  • Bake, steam, roast, or microwave until tender (steaming and microwaving preserve the most nutrients).
  • Puree in a food processor with a little liquid (water,breast milk, or formula), or mash if your baby can handle more texture.
  • Store in the refrigerator or freezer, in airtight containers. (Packaged baby foods can be stored in the cupboard until they’re opened; because they’re fresh, homemade baby foods can’t.)
  • Rewarm when it’s time to eat and allow to cool.

There are a number of storage containers sold specifically for refrigerating and freezing small serving-sized amounts of baby food; you can also just use an ice cube tray.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can puree foods such as cooked meats (fully cooked, with no pink, and remove fat, skin, and connective tissue), beans, and cooked eggs.

Leave comments below if you have tried this! Or let us know if you do!

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Holistic Medicine: Frequently Asked Questions

While speaking to the public we realized not everyone knows what holistic medicine is. Some have never heard of it. Let’s answer some common questions first about alternative methods of healing.

What is Holistic Medicine?

The basis of Holistic Medical practice is a belief in the intimate links between the brain, the body, and behavior. It takes into account not just your physical health, but how emotional, spiritual, social, and behavioral factors in your life can affect your body. Holistic Medicine also works in a preventative way. Mind-body interventions include yoga, relaxation response therapy, hypnosis, visual imagery, meditation,, tai chi, behavioral therapy, and prayer.

Does the mind control the body or does body control the mind?

Have you ever wondered why it seems as though those who WANT to get pregnant have a hard time conceiving and those who could care less have a houseful? The mind is a powerful thing and stress levels can cause adverse effects on our fertility. Also take into account “Pseudocyesis” better known as “False Pregnancies”. This is the belief that you are expecting when you are not really carrying a child. People with Pseudocyesis have many, if not all, symptoms of pregnancy — with the exception of an actual fetus. When a woman feels an intense desire to get pregnant, which may be because of infertility, repeat miscarriages, impending menopause, or a desire to get married, her body may produce some pregnancy signs (such as a swollen belly, enlarged breasts, and even the sensation of fetal movement). The woman’s brain then misinterprets those signals as pregnancy, and triggers the release of hormones (such as estrogen and prolactin) that lead to actual pregnancy symptoms. It has even been shown that men can develop false pregnancies when their significant other is expecting! Some men adopt back pain, nausea and other mild symptoms of pregnancy.

We say all of this to bring out how POWERFUL the mind is! The mind can be a healing tool, you just need to learn how to make it work in your favor in a positive way.

What about RAW diets for healing?

What if your doctor told you your blood pressure is too high so here take this medicine? In some cases it would be advantageous for one to do so. In MOST cases simply changing your diet and exercising can help greatly.

Are diets and exercise the only things we should be worried about in terms of our health and wellness?

A healthy diet and daily exercise are core components of an optimal health program. Other areas that should be attended to include appropriate stress management, getting adequate sleep, maintaining a strong social network of family and friends, and limiting exposure to environmental toxins, including cigarette smoke. Read More..

What are some of the least healthy or damaging habits Americans have?

The worst habit Americans have is eating too much highly processed, manufactured food (including fast food). People in this country are also too often sedentary and, as mentioned earlier, spend too much time on the Internet. Read More..

I hope you have a better understanding of Alternative Medicine/Holistic Medicine. The research is endless! So feel free to dive in and research for yourself. So people relax, eat clean, and lower your stress levels. Until next time!