Washing Raw Meat. Safe?

Washing chicken, we all do it. We grew up watching our grandmothers and mothers strategically wash them one by one. Well according to some not so new information that is bad….very bad. Especially for young ones and those who are pregnant. Why? Read below and let us know your thoughts.


Does washing raw chicken make it safer to eat?


Though it may seem like good hygiene to wash chicken before cooking it, researchers at Drexel University say people have that all wrong. They’ve developed a campaign to try to change the misperception, called “Don’t Wash Your Chicken.”

“People are attached to the idea of washing raw poultry,” Jennifer Quinlan, Associate Professor in the Nutrition Science Department at Drexel University, said in program materials. “Some think they’re cleaning off germs. Some just want to get slime off, or feel like it’s dirty.”

Much of the chicken purchased at the supermarket, regardless of which parts or whether or not it has skin, comes with campylobacter or salmonella bacteria. Neither cold or warm water, nor fruit acids will kill those bacteria, which can sometimes cause severe cases of food-borne illness.

The way to make chicken safe to eat is to cook it thoroughly. The internal temperature of the chicken should reach 165 °F as measured with a food thermometer, according to FDA guidelines. Whether it’s grilled, baked, fried or slow-cooked, it’s the exposure to high heat that kills all the bacteria.

The “Don’t Wash Your Chicken” program website says: “If germs were visible to the naked eye, you would see that washing poultry just splashes bacteria all over you, your kitchen towels, your countertops, and any other food you have nearby, such as raw foods or salads. This can make people sick, especially young children, pregnant women, older adults and the immunocompromised.”

To illustrate the risk, a mock infrared animation of “Germ-vision” shows how these tiny particles of bacteria can spray far and wide when chicken is washed — a process called aerosolization.




Quinlan said she discovered how prevalent chicken washing is through the course of her research on the quality and safety of food in minority populations, as part of a USDA-funded program. Through surveys and focus groups in the Philadelphia area, the research team found that washing chicken before cooking was common to several groups. Expanded research showed that the practice is almost universal.

The goal of the campaign is to educate people about the dangers of spreading bacteria and cross-contaminating other foods by washing chicken.

For those who want to take an extra cleaning step to remove sliminess before cooking, the FDA recommends wiping chicken with a disposable paper towel. Then be careful to wash any utensils, plates, cutting boards or kitchen counters that came in contact with raw chicken to avoid spreading the bacteria while you finish cooking.


Healthy Tips

Getting the energy to get up and moving can be a hard task. Especially with our insane schedules pulling us in different directions. Let’s look at some small things that we can do to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Partner Workouts

Working out with a partner can give us a lot of motivation. Not only do we have someone pushing us, but you can also be an inspiration also. We can see a difference in our endurance when we feed off each others energy. This can be a quick run in the park, or a Zumba class.

Making Better Choices

Let’s face it, ranch dressing goes with just about everything know to man. It’s is just SO good! Is there a better choice? Yes, balsamic vinegar. You can pretty much get away with only using a few teaspoons before you overpower your dish. So a little bit goes a long way and its delish! Did I mention the calories are low? 🙂


Music is the key! Create your own playlist in advance or invest in some really great headphones. Working out is mental! Your mind will give out before your body does, so be sure to get yourself pumped to get through the hard days!

Diet Fads

Let’s make this one as simple as we can. Drinking a lot of water triggers your body to release fluid. Drinking small amounts of water causes your body to retain fluid. Why? Because your body is built to protect you. If you are not giving it what it needs, it will hold on to it for future use.

Eating a lot (at least 5 times a day) will trigger your body to burn carbs and speed up your metabolism. Not eating enough will cause your body to hold on to fat. Why? Because again, your body is built to protect you. If you are not giving it what it needs, it will hold on to it (fat) for future use. So do not listen to these “I’m only going to eat one meal a day so I can lose weight fads”. Portion control several times a day is better than one big meal one time a day.

Simple enough right? 😉


Limit the amount of alcohol you are consuming during the week. Alcoholic beverages can hold a lot of unwanted calories.  Especially beer, it is full of empty calories and packs on pounds.

Cheat Meals

5 words. Cheat meal, not cheat day


It takes 15 minutes for your body to begin metabolizing. So shoot for 45 minutes.


Stay away from scales they are the biggest liars. Pay attention to your clothes and how they fit.


After it is all said and done, relax! Your body needs to rest. If you need to work out, do something simple and light.

Have a great day!