Introduction to Dr.Sebi

These are just a few things we gathered from Dr. Sebi’s lecture. We did not pull from the entire lecture just enough to wet your appetite! So please watch in it entirety!

Dr. Sebi prides himself on ‘knowing how to live’. He says the zoo keeper does not feed the gorilla the food of the polar bear so why do we eat other ethnic food not  specific to our dna?

When you pursue money it cannot elongate your life! The only thing that can elongate your life is the gift of healing and eating the food GOD made.

When they removed us from Africa did they bring our food to us? NO. So how will the FDA know how to care for us?

Africans (we) lived for a very long time without money, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. Now they are saying we need money to fight aids.

Dr. Sebi said ” If I had gone to school to be a scientist I would not have been able to cure aids because scientist do not cure aids. So why should we rely on schools to teach us how to save lives? *We believe in the progression of personal intellect, Dr. Sebi is simply saying that our Ancestors did not use modern day education for healing purposes although we do agree modern day education has saved lives!!*

Asking Dr. Sebi how do you cure aids is like asking a Gorilla how do you keep yourself healthy without hospitals and medicine? Nature feeds off nature.

Dr.Sebi went to multiple doctors to figure out why he was so sick and no one could tell him what was wrong. Feeling desperate he went to Mexico and they said he was dying because he is disobedient. They showed him a bible verse
to honor his mother and his father. He says well how am I supposed to honor them if I do not know what they are about? When a elephant is born he follows his mother and does as she does. The point? We have to educate ourselves on what our ancestors were eating to be able to do as they do and did to survive.

The bible says herbs are for the healing of the nations, but people of god go to the doctors for chemical injections to heal them. There are so many outlets for healing advice.

Benefits of Alkaline based nutrients

Anything that has the PH of 7 plus is alkaline anything that has less is acid



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