The Clinician’s View of Holistic Medicine – B.M. Hegde

“A patient can live without doctors but a doctor cannot live without a patient”

In today’s day and age, it is in the doctor’s best interest to do what is best to make the most money. According to B.M Hegde most of what doctors are doing is causing detrimental harm on the human race.

The “whole person healing” was probably the original concept of human medicine. Hippocrates said : Cure rarely, comfort mostly, console always.

He states when we go to the doctor for something as simple as fluid replacement what they do is counterproductive. Unfortunately, sometimes we survive in spite of the doctors.

Example: There was a study done on the comparison of greatly injured victims of the Vietnam War and victims of the Falkland War. In Vietnam thy set up a five-star hospital in Saigon, and the grievously hurt patients were in Saigon within 5-10 min. Even in the helicopter that took them there, there was a five-star hospital with top-notch technology.

Falklands did not have anything around them! They did not have a hospital, medical facilities, or helicopters around. Some of the wounded soldiers were left in the snow for as long as 24-48 hours (this was during Oct-Nov so the snow was not at record levels fortunately). After 24-48 hours they were then transported to the facilities some 16 hours back to England for treatment… vehicle.

With that being said retrospective data shows that the per capita death of seriously injured patients with all other parameters being equal was twice that in Vietnam as compared to Falklands where nature did a lot of healing. More died with the five-star hospitals than those who had no medical facilities? Let that sink in.

“If you think you are well at any given point in time you are well”. Now we all know about the sugar pill syndrome. Someone says “Oh I have THE worst headache”- you give them a sugar pill saying it’s Percocet and all of a sudden they are all better. “Wow that works fast!” If you work in the medical field you may be familiar with generic drugs and name brand drugs. According to the FDA the only difference between name brand and generic is that the paten was lifted. Most drugs only have a year’s paten on the drug. When a generic becomes available it is ‘supposed’ to be the same exact drug but it does not have rights to the actual name.


“The difference between a brand-name product and a generic one is designed to be transparent. Once the patent life expires on a brand-name drug product, it is eligible to be made into a “generic drug.” To do this, the generic drug manufacturer must ensure that the drug they are producing contains the same active ingredient(s) as the brand-name product, in the same dosage form, at the same dose or concentration, and for the same route of administration (for example, amoxicillin 500 milligram (oral) capsule). The drug may differ in color, shape, taste, inactive ingredients, preservatives and packaging, however. Because of these differences, the generic drug manufacturers are required to submit additional paperwork to the FDA to prove that their product is manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMPs), and is as pure and stable as the brand-name product. Additionally, the generic needs to meet pharmacokinetic parameters in the body, which means it must dissolve (in a beaker) at the same rate and to the same extent as the original. This process ensures that the two products are bioequivalent because if product A and product B dissolve in a virtually identical manner, then they should behave the same in the body.”

The issue is people swear up and down that the generic just does not work only the name brand works. We cannot say for sure if this is true because we are not going through what their body is dealing with. It does make this lecture interesting because what if it’s all mental? What if we have been so conditioned into thinking that the molecular makeup of something is better for us just because it cost more and has a popular name attached to it? Let’s get back to the lecture

We need to preserve this feeling of wellness to make ourselves well. B.M Hedge speaks of a sham surgery that was done. For fun let’s call it the SPS “Sugar Pill Surgery”. The doctors only put a skin incision; they did not open the chest at all. They stitched them up and it had the same effect as CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery).

(Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a type of surgery that improves blood flow to the heart. Surgeons use CABG to treat people who have severe coronary heart disease (CHD). CHD is a disease in which a waxy substance called plaque (plak) builds up inside the coronary arteries.)

New England journal of Medicine Sep 1997 page 2213 , written by a professor of Cardiology called Harlan Krumholz in Yale, he states cardiac interventions are the ones that make the most money and get billions of dollars in cash, prestige, television interviews, status symbol for doctors, hospitals and manufacturers of the drugs and technology.

A hospital was closed down because 84% of the bypass surgeries done there were for money and only 16% benefited the patient. (

The mind can control how your body reacts to ailments. Remember the phrase “Stress will kill you”? Well it can. If a doctor were to tell you “You are going to die a couple of weeks, your life expectancy goes down. Some become so stressed from the news they can die sooner from heart attacks or stress alone.

 So what can help us boost our immune system?

  • Immune Boosters
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Good Protein
  • Ayurveda
  • Exercise
  • Social Support

One of our partners Salahdeen Asad of Urban Kryptonite has some other immune boosters beneficial to us!!

  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Getting enough rest
  • Meditation
  • Stress management
  • Detoxification
  • The replenishment of minerals
  • The implementation of plant-based proteins
  • Getting enough sunlight
  • Natural plant-based probiotics
  • Colonic/Hydro Therapy Treatment (
  • Immunue supportive herbs (
  • Proper hydration (Drinking  ½ your body in ounces of water or more depending on activity level)
  • Adding more fiber to the body
  • Staying away from harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco or any substances that has been extracted/concentrated from it’s natural state constituting it to be a drug. Especially vaccinations.

Most modern medicine has failed. The institute of Medicine reported in the United States of America said the causes of death are as follows

  • Heart Attack
  • Cancer
  • Hospitals and doctors
  • Adverse drug reaction from drugs the doctors prescribed
  • Strokes and other things ect ect

350k people die annually because of doctor intervention

 We are not promoting zero doctor intervention. Doctors have saved lives! We are simply stating facts and encouraging research on most practices.


Introduction to Dr.Sebi

These are just a few things we gathered from Dr. Sebi’s lecture. We did not pull from the entire lecture just enough to wet your appetite! So please watch in it entirety!

Dr. Sebi prides himself on ‘knowing how to live’. He says the zoo keeper does not feed the gorilla the food of the polar bear so why do we eat other ethnic food not  specific to our dna?

When you pursue money it cannot elongate your life! The only thing that can elongate your life is the gift of healing and eating the food GOD made.

When they removed us from Africa did they bring our food to us? NO. So how will the FDA know how to care for us?

Africans (we) lived for a very long time without money, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. Now they are saying we need money to fight aids.

Dr. Sebi said ” If I had gone to school to be a scientist I would not have been able to cure aids because scientist do not cure aids. So why should we rely on schools to teach us how to save lives? *We believe in the progression of personal intellect, Dr. Sebi is simply saying that our Ancestors did not use modern day education for healing purposes although we do agree modern day education has saved lives!!*

Asking Dr. Sebi how do you cure aids is like asking a Gorilla how do you keep yourself healthy without hospitals and medicine? Nature feeds off nature.

Dr.Sebi went to multiple doctors to figure out why he was so sick and no one could tell him what was wrong. Feeling desperate he went to Mexico and they said he was dying because he is disobedient. They showed him a bible verse
to honor his mother and his father. He says well how am I supposed to honor them if I do not know what they are about? When a elephant is born he follows his mother and does as she does. The point? We have to educate ourselves on what our ancestors were eating to be able to do as they do and did to survive.

The bible says herbs are for the healing of the nations, but people of god go to the doctors for chemical injections to heal them. There are so many outlets for healing advice.

Benefits of Alkaline based nutrients

Anything that has the PH of 7 plus is alkaline anything that has less is acid


Antibiotic Resistance,

Science has taught us in the past that if something is subjected to an environment long enough, it WILL adapt. Maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually it will become accustomed to it’s current situation. Let’s take our bodies for example, our bodies can hit something called a plateau (and forgive me if this is a horrible example), but it’s my daytime job to put things in laymen’s terms so forgive me I actually enjoy this *smile*. So! have you ever gone so hard in the gym and lost an amazing amount of weight? What happens the next month still going strong, maybe not as many pounds lost as the first month but it’s something. Well, the third month crawls around and you could have sworn the scale said 130 lbs last month also! Why are you still the same weight? This is because your body has become accustomed to the vigorous workout you have put it through. You are doing the same exact exercise, at the same pace. Your body is no longer affected. This is in a sense what has been happening with the three leading farms feeding our chicken, pork, and other meats human antibiotics. Antibiotics are meant for sick humans, and when we take this medicine the bacteria in our system should never see what’s coming and be quickly done away with. Instead they are multiplying! Our body can’t react to something it’s already used to! Our food has already been given and raised on mass amounts of what is supposed to help us in our time of need. If our bodies are already accustomed to these antibiotics and our bodies won’t budge then it causes death. The bacteria that is supposed to scatter has already figured out a way to fight these antibiotics before it even it our plates.  It has had time to adjust during the lifetime of the livestock for generations.

So what’s my point?

Antibiotic resistance in the population is costing the health care system $20 billion and leading to 23,000 deaths annually. So who are the top three culprits?

  • Tyson
  • Pilgrim’s Pride
  • Perdue

With these companies being so big they’re all moving forward to an antibiotic free future. What other choice do you have when you’re in the limelight? So there is some good news. Unfortunately there are a mass amount of smaller companies that have no plans to stop feeding their livestock antibiotics for growth promotion.

*Note: Tyson is also putting resources toward researching alternatives to antibiotics*

 Research has shown that probiotics, including the strains of bacteria found in yogurt, and antimicrobial plants like oregano can be highly effective in controlling salmonella and campylobacter infections in poultry. Read More 

So while the problem is being semi fixed what can we do in the meantime to protect ourselves? We can support local markets and farms that produce humanly raised and untreated animals. I’ve came up with a list of farms in the local area. Some actually have open markets on some days. I’ve listed my favorites in blue. 🙂

Farmers Markets: farm@Petersburg Farmers Market, 7am–12 noon, Saturdays, May thru October, and 9am–noon Saturdays, November thru April.

Dolce Vita Farm, Kerry Giannotti, PO Box 43, Sutherland VA 23885. (804) 721-3256

::Another great store that I have mentioned before is Ellwood Thompson::

Deciding against the minimum standard of a 400 mile radius to be considered locally grown, they only use farms within a 100 mile radius. How awesome is that! Ellwood Thompson is located on Cary Street right in the heart of RVA! Here is a listing of their farms.

Click Here

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